Literature’s latest problem: Liberal Judo

A few weeks after having come out as nonbinary it became apparent that my identity came with a lot of baggage, both for me and anyone I was close to and had come out to. At first I was nervous about correcting my friends’ use of the masculine “He” and “His” pronoun whenever they were […]

Short Story: Susan Broadwood

Susan Broadwood stamped out the smoldering butt in the glass and lit another. Her James wouldn’t be home from soccer practice for another hour, she thought, watching her husband crack another beer. “Why do you get to drink all the beer?” She asked Jim. “Because I’m the one making all the money.” He said. “Yeah. […]

What its like to come out as Nonbinary

        I came out as nonbinary to my friends and some of my family recently, and here I’d like to take the time to talk about what that’s like for everybody else who’s curious, both other nonbinary people and binary people. Coming out as anything is terrifying, or if it’s not, then […]

Short Story: Hussein Obama

        Hussein Obama lived next to us in a house that was nice enough. Nothing falling apart, the paint was new, and the few times I’d seen inside on my jog by the tv in the living room looked big enough. Not the latest model, no fanciful new features, but it was […]

An open letter to ‘Writers’ in 2018

For everyone calling themselves a ‘writer’ Ok, so your work isn’t my cup of tea… that’s a given. So you’ve only got 19 or 99 or 9,000 followers. To me, that makes no real difference. Even some of the most high profile writers who haven’t yet ‘made it’ (by which I mean, writers who actually […]

Short story: Velocerapetors

The lonely saxophone played a sad solo in a minor key, ending on a long, lonesome E flat. The band broke in with a somber ensemble, fading out with a woman’s sour voice. “And we’re back, on Nasty Women, the podcast that’s by women, for women, but not always about women. I’m Summer…” She said […]