Why I read: Why I write

     When I read, I want to feel like I’m being introduced to new ideas and concepts: but not that I’m banged on the head with people’s opinions. There should be a mix of new information and things I think are universally true about human experience. I was inspired in middle school when we […]

Equality of Evil

I don’t think race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or really any other broad way of categorizing a human being tells you very much about who they are as a person. There are some cultural differences among us, and that’s very different from any biological predisposition which is a much weaker influence on us, if it […]

Crisis Actor

Conservatives seem to be opposed to protesters, and admittedly a lot of that comes from people on the right who would rather we all just sit down, shut up, and take what we’re given. Liberals, on the other hand, tend to have a more ‘make your voice heard’ mentality, and they’ll fight for what they […]

The War Against Public Spaces

What kind of a world do you want to live in? Do you like the fact that you feel like there’s never anywhere to go, there’s never really anything to do, and worst of all: not only do you have nowhere to be, but there’s nowhere you can go unless it’s to buy something and […]

Taco Bell is Advertising to alt-Right Misogynists

Two Taco Bell commercials have aired recently which beg the question: “Just what is the underlying message here? What is being said? What isn’t being said?” Taco bell “web of fries” So the first commercial is a little bit older (by my recollection, it came out around november, maybe december 2017), and it features an […]

Short Fiction: “Mr. Jones and Me”

He was looking both of them over. The shorter, more squat one standing on the other side of the room: Jones slurping coffee through his lips, the taller Vermeer taking neat little fastidious sips, as to avoid staining his mustache like he had his teeth. But he was too late. Years of cigarette smoke had […]