My name is James Johnson and I am an American Writer living in and working in New England. My interests include Literature, Philosophy, Writing, the mind, politics, psychology and just about anything that shapes or comments on our perception of the world and the nature of our existence. If that sounds ‘way too broad’ to be helpful but that’s sort of the point, that I could talk about anything that I find interesting at any point in time without having pinned myself down, just know that all content will probably be under the same theme of a radical liberal bisexual intellectual feminist.

My favorite writers are mostly dead. I don’t think living writers can’t do it better, but it’s just easier to find a better book if you have a wider selection. So while I’ve never finished a Leo Tolstoy book, I at least acknowledge that he was a big influence on Franz Kafka, who I also really like. But Kafka was also an influence on Haruki Murakami, and there are other authors in my personal ‘greatest hits’ collection, like David Foster Wallace, Douglas Adams, and JK Rowling (anyone my age who’s a writer and claims Harry Potter didn’t have something to do with it is a fucking liar).