Taco Bell is Advertising to alt-Right Misogynists

Two Taco Bell commercials have aired recently which beg the question: “Just what is the underlying message here? What is being said? What isn’t being said?” Taco bell “web of fries” So the first commercial is a little bit older (by my recollection, it came out around november, maybe december 2017), and it features an […]

Short Fiction: “Mr. Jones and Me”

He was looking both of them over. The shorter, more squat one standing on the other side of the room: Jones slurping coffee through his lips, the taller Vermeer taking neat little fastidious sips, as to avoid staining his mustache like he had his teeth. But he was too late. Years of cigarette smoke had […]

Writing in 2017

  Preface: I’m not going to talk about writing as it relates to all that techogarbage bullshit. I’m going to talk about writing as it exists for most writers in their daily lives in 2017, without mentioning all that technogarbage bullshit. Ok, now swear with me reader/writer: I will, every time I write, put away […]