What the Rich Are Planning to do to America

        I miss the old conservatives: they cared about the constitution. John McCain died ten days ago, and although I wasn’t old enough to vote until the midterm election after he ran, I miss that kind of conservative being my side’s opposition.         Obviously, the snarky conservative retort to […]

How to live in the 21st century

Is everything terrible because of globalization, capitalism, or technology? I was playing a videogame a minute ago (no, i’m not just going to talk about videogames this post), and I realized: video games in 2018 suck. They suck ass. A lot of people tell me I’m dead wrong, and that they’re better than ever. We’ve […]

The Nightmare of Socialism

Imagine a country: a hellscape of equality of opportunity, where every citizen of the greatest country on earth has a shot at their dreams. No, I’m not talking about Luxembourg, the country with the highest life expectancy, a list which: 82 years, a list which the the greatest country on earth doesn’t even make the […]

American Spaghetti

The thing about spaghetti is, that it’s not Italian. It’s completely, unilaterally, and unequivocally American. It’s as american as apple pie, which, incidentally, was invented by the English in 1381 (Eschner 1). The recipe called for figs, raisins, pears, saffron, and apples. The English were healthy once, but now 26.9 percent of them are obese, […]