21st Century America

Globalization and McDonaldization is the defining economic and social trend of the last 20 years, and both show no sign of slowing down in the 80+ years left in this century. McDonaldization refers to not just trends in the fast-food industry, but a larger change in the way businesses and other large organizations are structured. […]

Short fiction: ‘Fitness Freak’

I started working out three months ago. That was May. On the first day I did three sets of 6 push ups, three sets of crunches (12 Reps), and four sets of squats (no weight, 5 reps). I had a light chicken dinner with some steamed vegetables and that was it. I had a glass […]

Post-Post Irony: The thing we’re all drowning in

This might sound a little too, well, I like to use the word ‘dink-ish’ as in ‘If you start talking about that around the water cooler you’ll sound like a pretentious dink’, but we’re currently living in a state of ‘post-post irony’. What does this mean? You know how nothing is cool anymore, or if […]

How to self-improve

Disclaimer: There are lots and lots of books on this subject written by people who are far more qualified than myself, I’m no expert on this subject, but I’ve always had some goal that I was aiming myself towards, so this is really just what I’ve learned about self improvement from my years of striving […]

Bridging the Gap (With #Covfofe)

For a long time now Americans have been getting more divided on every issue. One side looks at things one way, and the other has their beliefs too. These two sides are (very broadly) conservative and liberal. Both have some good points if you’re really willing to listen, but when you stand on one side […]