For me, patience is the hardest part of being a writer. Many of us have goals, and I pity those of us who don’t. But we’re also not all in the same place in life. Some of us might have had more opportunity to pursue their goals, and others might not […]

Are incels really to blame?

           ‘Incels’ are a group of ‘involuntary celebates’: a group of male supremacists who believe that women would essentially be incapable of operating in society were it not for their vaginas, and that men are essentially their own ‘master-race’ who should dominate and control women, for the betterment of all humanity […]

Short Fiction: “NO CAMPING”

        I remember when I was a kid, me and my friend Liz from down the road would sit there on the porch fenced in by the broken screens and columns covered in chipped white paint, waiting for the mosquitoes to land on our arms. Liz taught me this one trick where […]

Why I read: Why I write

     When I read, I want to feel like I’m being introduced to new ideas and concepts: but not that I’m banged on the head with people’s opinions. There should be a mix of new information and things I think are universally true about human experience. I was inspired in middle school when we […]

Equality of Evil

I don’t think race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or really any other broad way of categorizing a human being tells you very much about who they are as a person. There are some cultural differences among us, and that’s very different from any biological predisposition which is a much weaker influence on us, if it […]

Crisis Actor

Conservatives seem to be opposed to protesters, and admittedly a lot of that comes from people on the right who would rather we all just sit down, shut up, and take what we’re given. Liberals, on the other hand, tend to have a more ‘make your voice heard’ mentality, and they’ll fight for what they […]